Successful in YouTube. More Subscribers and A Reality

Currently I have 190+ videos in my channel. 780 subscription. 3500+ hrs in last 90 days. More than 4000 hrs in last 365 days.

I have made a complete playlist of Silkypix Developer Studio Pro which almost opposite end of Lightroom. Meaning, very few people know what is it. I did because I love the software and I could learn how to make YouTube videos.

Then I made a basic tutorial playlist for Affinity Photo. Again, basic. Meaning easy. Meaning, More room to learn.
Then, Nikon, Canon Dxo, Topaz software tutorials.

I had success. Because my watch hours are talking to me.

Now I am doing a mini series of photography in Europe.
Once I am done with this, I will do something that almost no-one did in YouTube,
Film Photography in Reunion Island with cheap cameras, hiking around volcano.

Now, there are videos on film photography, there videos on hiking, there are videos on cheap cameras, there are videos on Reunion Island, there videos on Volcano. But not all of them at once. Definitely not all at once in English.

What is my point :

  1. Forget about immediate success in youtube. It is long gone.
  2. Try everything, if you then feel good in youtube, do what no one has done.
  3. Stop comparing with others, you are not better than them, you are not worse than them. You are you. They are not you. You are not them.
  4. Get out of the idea of immediate success. It is unicorn.
  5. In a school, everyone study same. Some pass, some fail. Its life. Bring your feet back on the ground.
  6. All the videos and post on how to become successful in YouTube are important and useless. Everyone doing the same.
  7. Are you going to make it? Yes, do what noone does. Remember, everyone now can afford a expensive camera. Then what makes a real difference between a human with a expensive camera and a photographer? If you find the answer, then you are in business.
  8. It is true. You will need luck. Because, everyone are following tye same rules.

At least that’s what I have learnt. What have you learned?

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