Cyber Security And Cyber Bullying In YouTube.

Little bit of a history.

Few days ago, I posted in another Sub Reddit asking, why I am struggling to get 1000 Subs while I have already passed my 4000 hrs.

Then someone contacted me via DM. Offering SEO help. Now, I am desperate. But I am not in to dodgy shifty stuff. It takes years to build a community. It’s hard work. But it takes seconds to disappear if youtube finds out. And there are no satisfaction on this.

So, instead of avoiding him, I did wanted to know if he is legit or not. Therefore, I basically asked him a bunch of questions. But, same questions with different vocabularies. He even found my other videos from another subs. Got me some views and said, “Hey Look, I got you some free views! So, I am legit”.
What The Fish!

But I kept pressing for legitimacy. He started to change his story few times and in the end, I said no. Also, I posted something against buying fake subs.

This is where it begins. Simply put, because he had to spend his time answering too many questions. Now I owe him my life. And I must buy his services. When I explained him that we have a universal law where service provider needs to be transparent and honest. And answer potential clients questions.
Answer : F your law.

He went to all my social media accounts and started to comment. I blocked him from everywhere. Here too.

Now he is regularly using his other YouTube accounts to practically spam, comment and down vote.
I am tired of constantly blocking him. And yesterday I had a panic attack. Which I thought was a heart attack. What to do?


  1. Lesson: Think before even opening your mouth, when someone offer you services.
  2. I have realised how exposed I am. Anyone can reach me. I mean anyone. My subscribers and others too.
  3. The person who is harassing me is : RankFastPro
  4. There are many of them. Be careful. I learned my lesson. Even though I didn’t do anything wrong.

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