How To Get More Than 150 Subscribers In YouTube Fast?

My Channel Has More than 160 Subscribers

Lets Be Realistic.

This is not a recipe to get famous. I am going to give you a realistic tips to get more than 160 Subscribers in YouTube.

Is it hard to create a YouTube channel and get 150 subscribers to join your channel?

Don’t worry, it’s not hard, you should know, now the YouTube will auto show high quality videos to more people based theire algorithm. so if you uploaded the high quality original videos onto YouTube, you will get 150 or more subscribers quickly. and there are some necessary steps that top YouTubers are using to make YouTube videos that attract their target audience:

Step 1: It’s the most important to choose the correct Video Topics

The key to choosing video topics that your target audience will want to watch is to remember that your product or service is a solution to a specific problem. This is why understanding your target audience, and more specifically, your ideal customer is so important. If you understand what problem they are facing, then you can create videos to help them solve that problem and learn about your business in the process.

Once you have some topic ideas in mind, I highly recommend doing some additional keyword research to validate the demand for those topics. The higher the popularity and search volume there is for your topic, the higher the potential for organic traffic to your video.

please remember, inspired content is the kind the viewers want, your efforts are futile if viewers does not find it compelling .

To get the most out of your content, you have to determine your audience. Create the kind of quality that revolves around them. Know what they want, and you will know what you have to generate.

Exciting content does not have to come from you all the time. There will come a time when ideas escape you. If you are having a hard time coming up with one, you can scroll through the comments section of the similar popular videos on YouTube.

Step 2: Plan and prepare the video

Once you’ve selected a specific topic, next step you need to perfect the whole idea of your video, plan How would the video look like after its created. Please remember, your primary objective is to create a video that is helpful for your target audience. Creating videos that are entertaining and/or inspiring should be your second priority.

Every video you create should contain three parts:

  • Part 1. Video Introduction(Video Intro)

Introduce the topic you are going to cover in your video as quickly as possible. Most people who search for and find your video won’t know who you are before they watch it. They want to learn about the topic, not about you. Keep your introduction brief and tell them exactly what the outcome of the video.

  • Part 2. Main Content

Share your best advice on your chosen topic. If you can be entertaining or inspiring at the same time, great. But above all, share practical advice (no fluff!) that answers a specific question, helps your audience solve a problem, or achieve a specific result.

  • Part 3. End Screen(Video Outro)

At the end of your video, if you don’t want to loose your viewer after they watch your video, give your viewers something to do. Ask them to share your video, subscribe to your channel, access your website, leave a comment, etc. Never leave a viewer without a specific next step to take.

Step 3: Choose a right software to make the Video for YouTube

Now, it’s time to start making your video. There are many online video editor, but it would be great to have your own software so you have more freedom to modify your video to your liking. I’m a Youtuber 10 years until now, I used and reviewd lots of software, but now I generally use YouTube Movie Maker for all editing, and Adobe After Effect for some advanced special effects(rarely). YouTube Movie Maker is an unique video/audio editing software made specifically for YouTube, provides user-friendly features, with it you don’t need have any professional knowledge to edit videos for YouTube.

Please remember, every YouTube video should has both an audio and a video component. Therefore, there are actually two types of editing that need to occur:

Video editing – optimize what your viewers see. In this step, you need to edit your source video footage, you’ll do things like remove unwanted content, trim video image, add text, add subtitle, add graphics, adjust color, etc.

Audio editing – optimize what your viewers hear. The audio quality of your videos should not be taken lightly. Poor audio quality really detracts from someone’s viewing experience. In this step, you’ll do things like add amazing background music, change audio pitch, fade in/out, etc.
Once you completed your video making, save your video as a MP4 video file within YouTube Movie Maker, and include your main keywords for the video in the file name. This can help your video rank higher in search results for your main keywords.

Step 4: Publish Video on YouTube

Now, your video is ready for publishing, it’s time to upload it to your YouTube channel. But you must complete the following steps when you uploading your video on YouTube.

  1. Add video title – Give your video a compelling title that includes the main keyword that you chose for your video. Try to keep your title to 70 characters or less (anything longer will be truncated in most search results).
  2. Add video description – Your video description appears below your video. YouTube currently has a 5,000 character limit on video descriptions, but that doesn’t mean that you should use all 5,000 characters. I recommend writing a brief paragraph (100-300 words) to describe the content in your video. Use the rest of the available space in your description section to include specific CTAs, links to your website, additional resources, your social media profiles, and so on.
  3. Add video tags – The appropriate place to add specific keywords to your video (like the ones you identified when you researched your video topic) is in your video tags. We recommend including at least 5-10 similar keywords in your video tags.
  4. Upload a custom thumbnail/cover – Your video thumbnail is the image that people see before they click to watch your video. A very attractive thumbnail can help entice potential viewers to click on your video. If you don’t upload a custom thumbnail for your video, YouTube gives you 3 choices of random screenshots from the, which most of the time are not very flattering.
    Once these steps are complete, go ahead and set your video to Public for the world to see.

Step 5: Promote YouTube Video to get more Views

The goal of your videos is to attract organic traffic by ranking the search results for their respective keywords/topics. To give your videos the best chance of consistently attracting new viewers on a long-term basis, promoting your videos as soon as they are published helps give them an initial boost of traction, which helps encourage YouTube to rank your video higher than competing videos. so you need to share your video on all your network, your website, blog, facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

At last, be consistency in uploading high quality original videos, you will get more subscribers quickly

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