DXO FILMPACK 5 Review 2021.

This video should give you a good idea of DXO Filmpack 5 in 2021.

When it comes to the preset catagory, my point is to show whether Filmpack is worthwhile or not. If someone who has Nik, will they benefit from Filmpack to add more filters in the library?

So, this is a answer. A Nik owner can either say, NO : because the color Efex, Silver Efex, Analog Efex are more than enough.

Or Yes: Because Filmpack has different Filter and you want them. I made the video, because if you look at the DPreview and Reddit. There are many old customer of DXO optic who now have Photolab 4 and Viewpoint, they are thinking between Filmpack and Nik. Now they can look at other Nik Review, And my Viewpoint and Filmpack Review and decide for themselves what to get.

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