Is Luminar AI Good Enough?

Sky Replacement with Luminar AI

So, I created this using Affinity Photo + LUMINAR AI. It was a part of my video I did today to test Luminar AI. The video will be published next year. First of all, I am a photographer. I am not a digital Artist. It is fascinating to see others works . But It doesn’t interest me more than going out in my neighbourhood and Shoot (with mask on).Now, about this software, It is impressive that how fast the software can replace the sky and match the ambient lighting. As an Editor, it does have Auto/AI solutions. Now, is it good enough to purchase as a Affinity Photo plug-in or as a Standalone version?


Well, after my one week of test, it took me same amount time to edit a Photo in Silkypix, Affinity Photo and in Luminar with similar results. Because, usually I know exactly what I want before I press a shutter button. Also, I know the ‘In and Out’ of my Silkypix and Affinity Photo. And most importantly, a perfect photo is VERY subjective. Your photo, you are in charge. So, anything is good if You, the Photographer is satisfied. Should you buy Affinity Photo?

Answer is, as a traditional Editor , Luminar AI to me, as good as my Silkypix Developer Studio Pro, Affinity Photo. Also, easily comparable with DXO Photolab or Lightroom. But, not better. So, I urge you, instead to spending money, learn what you have with you first. When it comes to sky replacement, it’s crazy good.

So, thank God that I am not in to heavy image or Digital Art. Therefore, I just saved myself 70€, which I am going to spend for tommorow night. Happy new year in advance everyone. I sincerely wish you all the very best from the bottom of my heart

Réunion Island.

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