Do you need Full Frame Camera to be good at Photography in 2021? Probably not.

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For all the folks “High” on full frame. Full frame will eventually go the way of the DSLR. Medium format was the king because of the large negative gave superior prints. Now everyone shoots wedding at 35mm full frame. So much self insecure.

Give it some time & crop sensors will chip away at the full frame. If you want small convent lenses, the sensor needs to be smaller. All the advances in sensors & processing will enable crop sensors to be good enough.

To me it looks like the sensors are generally plateauing, with any gains being that higher density sensors are improving. I see this trend continuing. Look at what current crop cameras can do compared to some older full frame ones.

Yea, yea I know, you only shoot raw full frame with the best primes & switch brands every 2 years to get the best dynamic range and noise free shadows in your 30 stacked frame HDR images. Just remember 99% or the world is happy with cell phone quality right now. Give the sensors another 5 or 6 generations and we’ll see. Yet you still need , Luminar or Topaz or or other AI Software to fix your ugly portraits or blown out boring sky. Or turning your photos in Alice in wonderland. You know who are you. I am watching you.

Look at both Canon RF and Olympus m43, I would chose this lens Olympus 150-400mm F4.5 TC1.25x cost about 7000€ over the canon RF 100-500 (f5.6-f7.1) cost about 3000€, any day. It’s very simple:- At 1000mm the canon becomes f/14.2 (because of TC2X).- – At 1000mm the olympus becomes f/5.6 AKA f/11 full frame equivalent. BIG difference. Also Olympus has better stabilisation. If you use the Canon R5, the diffraction starts at f/8. So just imagine the soft results at f/14.In the Olympus EM1-3 diffraction starts at f/6.3 (FF f/12), and at 1000mm which is f/5.6 (FF f/11) you’re below the diffraction limits. Of course the Olympus combination is a more expensive, but gives the better result.If you look at the Photography forums, it’s like every camera brands are a mistake. I can not dance because the floor is not flat enough.

In fact forum-experts were expecting an portable 100-900mm F/0.95 pancake lens, less than 500 grams and less than 500$. 🙂 Such lens is still not good enough because is just an F/1.9 equivalent in FF word. Too slow ! Hypocrisy has a limit.

Don’t let any dotard Youtuber salesman sponsored by squarepace lie to you about the physics behind this lens .If your photo suck, take at good look at your own Photography skills. Before pointing fingers at others. Because, there is a good chance, your photos suck, because your Photography skills are good at my singing skills. It’s a disaster.

2 Replies to “Do you need Full Frame Camera to be good at Photography in 2021? Probably not.”

  1. These are the cheapest full frame cameras you can get right now, and what you can get for your money is just amazing These might be the cheapest full frame cameras you can get, but that doesn’t mean they are short on features. Many of the cameras in our list are a couple of years old but so good, and so far ahead of their time, that they are absolute bargains today. Others are newer, and tap into a growing market amongst enthusiasts keen to upgrade to a full frame camera but without spending a fortune.

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    1. Hi, thank you so much for your comment. Happy New Year.
      Well, moral of this post is certainly not to compare , what is the Best. It’s to say, each has it’s Job. As in the post , a MFT can achieve certain things that FF can not do. Size and physics for one.
      And features means nothing is the features are not useful to me. Look at Panasonic GH5 GH4. It’s not only a great at Photography with a great selection of Sharp lenses, it’s the lifesaver for indie Filmmakers.
      Look at Blackmagic BMPCC 4K. A tiny beautiful MFT Cinema camera with formidable Color science. And really cheap for what it is capable of. They are not FF, but Photography and Videography communities are using the with Open heart.
      Same goes for Fujifilm APSC. They are not FF yet , there are no problem for pro Photographers and videographers to use the Fuji system.
      Point is, the FF is better argument is not as strong as it’s used to be.


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