Some thought about silkypix Developer Studio Pro 10.

Hey folks,

I have posted similar question in retouching forum. But it is very related here because I am a Fuji and a canon user.

I genuinely love the results of Silkypix Developer. But, unlike LR or DXO or C1, Tutorials for Silkypix DS PRO 10 Tutorials are rare. At least in english.

Even though they are in the business for a long time  and they work with or support every Japanese camera manufacturers. They are first one to Natively support Fujifilm and Panasonic. Nikon Software is based on Silkypix engine. And yet, search results for DXO or Luminar (Let’s throw in ON1 in the mix) is exact opposite of search results for Silkypix. 

 Yes, it has issues with speed. But if I Google, there are enormous report of Lightroom crashing or Luminar performance problem.

Even New Luminar has more Tutorials than SP. There are thousands of similar Tutorials made by different Youtube ‘professors’. Same goes for DXO and Capture One. 

Someone in other forums said Ichikawa Soft Lab are not active in marketing. Meaning, they do not pay money for promotions, like others does. That’s True. But look at the Linux community. Almost every good things are for free and they have a very passionate, helpful and active community. I am sure Darktable do not have affiliated programs.

So, what is the reason? Is this because SP has very low user base outside Japan?

Who knows.

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