Matching CANON and GoPro videos using Leeming LUT Pro

I did a non scientific test to match GoPro Hero 7 Black, Canon DSLR with Faithful and GoPro Hero 4 Silver Using Leeming LUT.

  • First part:

Originals with recommended settings (Except AWB)

  • 2nd Part:

Just LUT applied

  • 3rd Part:

Lut Exposure and WD adjusted.


  • Practicing my Workflow and being prepared in advance
  • To see how close they are to each other
  • To see if just using AWB is fine or No?


GoPro Hero 4 is still a a great camera (without the case). I am happy that I have kept it. Of Course, the LUT just works. May be, AWB is not a good solution all the time. A White card would be better. But It is fixable in post. With minor tweaks. I showed the video to 10 other people I know who are not professionals . They are what we call “Audience” or “Viewers” or “Consumers”, they all said same things:

1: Shakes or Jitters are noticeable,
2: Easy to tell the difference between gopro and canon mostly due to focal lengths,
3: No difference in Colors and Exposures. I need more practice.

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