What to do with these thousands of Travel photos and videos.

Everyone one travels these days. Everyone capture memories. So did we. Our intention was to record our “Once in a lifetime” travel. We did travel Europe for 100 days with more than 11 countries and 39 cities mostly by train, then bus, ferries and aeroplane. We then return to Paris, with thousands of images,j one day before worldwide lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic.

The Images and Videos are great. Now what?

Because it has been one month we are stuck Inside our home, I personally have got ample time to go through the process of picking the best photos and creating “Non- Cliche” , doc-style travel videos. I am using Davinci Resolve for the video part. And for the photos, I am using few softwares. Originally I have started with Darktable to Edit my Jpegs from GoPro, Raw files from my phone and the raw files of Panasonic DMZ Bridge camera. For my Fuji, I had to try few softwares. At first, I would create a color and a BW Jpeg version of each photos with Fujifilm raw Studio. Then correct some images in Darktable if required. It was time consuming. Because first I needed to connect the camera to the computer. Then correct each images and convert them . It was a slow process. Darktable was fantastic. But, it was difficult to do local adjustment. Then I downloaded the trial version of the ON1 Photo Raw. It has potential. But man this software can be slow. Specially with too many Raw images. So, I used it to correct some Jpegs if necessary. Otherwise I stick with original Jpegs from Fujifilm Raw Studio.

But, I don’t want to connect my camera Everytime I need to edit photos. It is too long and slow process

Capture One Fujifilm Express. Yes! It’s fast. I can edit all my Fujifilm images without connecting the cameras. Good thing is, I try to capture a good photo right in the camera. So, that I can reduce Post Processing work as much as possible. And I decided to buy ON1 Photo Raw to edit Jpegs. It is still a Two Step Process. But that’s what some people do with Lightroom and Photoshop.

I have the Goods, How do I share?

I do not know. For now, this Blog, Instagram, YouTube and Patreon are my go to platform. But simplicity is the key in my life. So I am looking for simple solution. If anyone out there have any ideas then feel free to share some with me. Ciao for now.

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