A Hearthfelt Thank You.

Should i travel europe now?

Thank you for following us along the way. For last 100 days. We are lucky to have you with us. We are lucky that we made this move. We are also lucky to get back to Paris just before the France nationwide lockdown. We are lucky that we made the whole trip just before the Corona Virus chaos.

How was It?

Beautiful, Extraordinary and Tiring. Europe has so much to offer to teach us as a human. Its landscapes are formidable. Also, we travelled as a couple. Our relationship, our marriage became stronger than ever. We loved, faught, walked a lot, had good times, had aweful times and we in the end dealth all together.


We have so much photos and videos that I need to work on. So watch this spot. Also, We had a plan to travel around europe. But Now because of the lockdown, we stay home and savour the memories of our journeys together. Also, we are thinking of those who are affected by novel corona virus. I will open a section in the website to showcase all the photos and videos with high-res. feel free to contact me if you like to purchase any of our images. And Wish you all the Best. Stay safe. Stay clean. Love you all.
Bye for now.

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