Naxos is a Beautiful Island

Travel tips for Naxos.
The Portana

Well, our trip to Naxos was a bust. We came with a lot of hope. And the reality was sweet and sour.
Naxos, the largest Greek island of the Cyclades. And what are the Cyclades? The Cyclades are the group of islands in the Aegean Sea. We were in Paros. Another island of the Cyclades. From there, we took a 1-hour ferry ride to arrive in Naxos.

Travel Greece by ferry
Bluestar Ferries Map.


Our apartment was inside the main town. Not far from Agios Georgios Beach. Lovely little beach. When we arrived, no one was there. Then, a guy came in a scooter. Told us the number of our room and that the key is at the door. Like, we supposed to know that already. Weird. The apartment was ok. But kitchen without a knife to chop anything. Well, who does that?

Solar power in greece
Solar power on our rooftop. These are everywhere in Paros and Naxos.

It’s like, having a toilet without toilet paper. We hade trouble to have hot water in the shower so we had to contact the owner. It had to be turned on. And, the voltage of the electricity was really not good. As a matter of fact, the next day there was an incident. The power was out just when I turned on the oven. Again we called the owner.


Travel tips for Naxos.

Anyway, our plan was to scout the area to fly our drone first. Then, do some groceries on the way back. Why the rush for the Drone flying? According to the weather forecast, the next couple of days were going to be very very windy and stormy. We arrived at 1pm and we had a stable wind speed till 2.30pm. And then, no more flying drone. So, we went to Agios beach. Because it was closest to us.

Travel tips for Naxos.

After that, We walked from the beach back to the port of Naxos. Alongside the shore, there were many boats parked. For repair or for business. Interestingly, there was a mini church on a tiny island. Then we headed to ‘the icon’ of the island, The Apollo Temple of Naxos. The temple looked unfinished. Because there was just one big stone door standing. Which called the Portara Naxos. The Portara means The Great Door in English. From there we could achieve a magnificent point of view of the Whole of Naxos. Almost. The Gate, the ocean, the city, the mountains, the valleys and the sky. Out of the world view. The wind was getting stronger. So, I flew the drone very carefully with low speed and low altitude. Once we got what we wanted, we stopped flying. Then, we took our time to enjoy the view. Walked around a little bit.

Travel tips for Naxos.

Just before we headed to the grocery store, we tried to look for the bus ticket to go around the island. Disappointingly, the bus office was not open. So we thought. We are actually still wondering. There was no machine for buying tickets and according to the note, you can not buy on the bus. You can find the timetables to the biggest villages but there aren’t many buses.

Travel tips for Naxos.

Few supermarkets were open but the big one was not close to us.
Looks like, during the low season many things and facilities get reduced. The islands were full of cats. Yup, cats. And everything was calm. But too calm. Wherever we look at, there were little too big resorts, hotels and mini homestay apartments. Looks like he whole city was made for tourism. Our 2nd day was a bust. Harsh weather. Windy. So after 5 minutes of outside, we came back to our apartment. Stayed indoor.

Travel tips for Naxos.
That is me getting hit by the waves

Finally, at last. We pushed ourselves to get out. In the morning we headed straight to get around the city. Houses were Aegean style Whitewashed, mansions are old stone-built, narrow alleys. And cats. Really. There were many many cats. The Archeological Museum was closed. Which was not far from the white-coloured Jolandas Castle House. There was also a Catholic Cathedral not far from the castle.

We slowly walked down till Grotta Beach. Because it was a particularly windy day. Therefore, the ocean was mad. The waves were hitting the rocks and cliffs really hard. We felt like a child while walking near the beach with an aggressive sound of waves and wind.


Of course, got splashed by the water numerous times near the beach. We came back to the apartment for some lunch. After taking a little bit of lunch and nap, we headed back to the Agios Georgios Beach. It was windy as hell. Besides many nice things we dearly enjoyed, there was something that was pretty disturbing to see. Plastics.
How come there are too many. There was plastic lying around in many places. Well, terrible.

We were pretty much finished with the Naxos after that. We walked back to our apartment. Interestingly enough, Naxos supposed to be a lot busier than Paros Considering the size. But we felt Paros more vibrant at the end. Naxos was beautiful. We were not just that lucky this time.

Travel tips for Naxos.
My attempt for unterwater photography

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