Visiting Salzburg, the Birthplace of Mozart

From the city of Music Vienna to the most inspiring city of Austria, the mountainous region Salzburg. Which is one of the best reserved cities of Northern Alps, where Mozart was born and the movie Sound Of Music was made. The Old Town of Salzburg is UNESCO listed heritage site. And according to Lonely Planet, Best City to Visit in 2020. In their list of, Top 10 best cities to visit in 2020.
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The city centre Salzburg
Our Apartment room

City is little bit like Lucerne in Switzerland.
We took a 25 minutes of bus ride to our apartment which costed us 4 euro together. Just to avoid a 45 minutes walk under rain. Apartment was not bad but the bed was so soft that it gave us sore backs the next morning and we had to rely on painkillers. We ended the day with little bit of groceries for our breakfast lunch and dinner for our 2 days stay is beautiful Salzburg.

Our first day we took it easy. We already knew what to do in Salzburg anyway. Most of the key spots, the City center and Old town are alongside the river Salzach River. It is a concentrated city, therefore pretty easy to visit. Which was good for us because, our tired body needed a late start and we were not interested to rush for everything. After lunch, we took a walk to the city centre. It was a long slow and relaxing walk till the one end of Salzach river. Both sides of the river was very well connected with at least 7 bridges just in the city centre. Quite impressive. One of the Bridges called Markart steg which was covered with padlocks. We many of these types of Bridges in Paris and Venice. Never understood the hype really. Aren’t they dangerous for the Bridge anyway?

The river side was quite beautiful as you can see the cloud covered mountain tops and the Fortress of Salzburg, Festung Hohensalzburg (Hohensalzburg Fortress) from the South end. Very postcard style view!

After a short stay there, we took a walk back to our apartment via Mirabellgarten. We took a nice walk to the Garden through the Mozarteum theatre and it’s marbble hall.
When we arrived in our apartment, it was about 6pm. That means we have walked more than 8 kilometers in about 4 hours. Pretty unexpected and impressive for a short walk and we were exhausted.

Our 2nd Day gave us a Beautiful sunny day with clear sky.
We took a Bus to old Town near river. Walked through the old town. As mentioned earlier, it is one of the best preserved cities in North of Alps and a UNESCO world heritage site. Our first stop was the Birthplace of Mozart. This is where Mozart was born in 1756 and lived till he was 17. It is a long yellow building on Getreidegasse, not far from MozartSteg (Mozart Bridge).

Then we took a slow walk through narrow beautiful alleyways of the old town, with A lot of passages. In each passages there are some boutiques, cafes, offices or some unknown residences. each of them are unique. As we headed towards the Fortress, we ended us near Kapitel Platz or Capital Square where there is MozartPlatz. As the name suggest, this space is dedicated to Mozart with his Statue unveiled in 1847 with the mountain at the background. Not far from here, there is ResidentPlatz, where the horseriders are waiting for clients. Nearby there was a big fountain which was covered probably because of winter. Then Salzburg Cathedral. Aka Dom Platz which we later visited after our fortress tour. The interior of the cathedral is eye catching.

As we walked passed the cathedral, in the KapitelPlatz , there was a big golden ball and a man standing on top, named Sphaera. Interesting piece of art.

The Fonicular line

Nexts stop : The Festung Hohensalzburg (Hohensalzburg Fortress) via funicular ride. We already purchased online tickets for 16.30 euro in advance for convenience. You can buy tickets here and can download a PDF info book.

It was a pretty short funicular ride though which lasted just over a minute.
Now, What is this place anyway? Well in short, it was made by the Archbishop Gedhard in the year 1077 . Then later it was expanded to protect the Archbishop from the the king Henry 2 of Germany.

It also served as a Military Barracks, Temporary residence of the prince Archbishops over the period.
We were told as well, via the audioguide, that it is the largest, fully preserved fortress in Central Europe. And currently the landmark of Salzburg. To be honest, The first part of the visit with the audioguide is already more than enough to know all about the Fortress. And the rest of the tour, is “bis repetita“….which essentially mean, very repetative.

What about The view ?
As mentioned earlier, you could see the fortress from almost any part of the old town or city centre. Which means, from the castle, you can have the best view of Salzburg. Best point of view is at the very top with the flag of the town. Thanks to the beautiful sunny weather with blue sky, we very much appreciated the opportunity to enjoy the view. It was delightful.
Honestly, the view amazed us. The Fortress, not so much.
Then stopped by a restaurant on the fortress with a beautiful panoramic view. Pretty ordinary food and presentation for what we paid. Very deafening noisy environment. But not bad in terms of service.

Mozart Bridge. The Fortress in the Background

Then we went back down via funicular again, walked inside the Dom Church and then took a walk through the Mozart Bridge. We sat down at the other end on the bank of river Salzach to enjoy some orange sunshine. From there, we said our goodbyes to the home of Mozart, as the sun was going down behind the Mountain and Festung Hohensalzburg.

Our Next stop: The home of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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