How to visit Auschwitz without guided tour.

In order to visit Auschwitz, there are many packaged tour guides available. However, it is actually very much possible to visit on your own or in group if you interested to save some money and have some freedom to move around on your own. Also, you must know your way around, otherwise you may get lost like we did.
Auschwitz and Birkenau are free of cost. But,There are few things you will require to do


If you could not make any booking online, then don’t worry. You still can visit

  • However, Get there as early as possible to be at the info center and get your ticket because once the few tickets available on site are done you can not get in anymore. It’s opened from 7:30. We read somewhere that you should be there before 10am. We didn’t want to bet
  • You can get your bus ticket to Auschwitz at the Krakow Glowly Bus station. The bus stop located at the top floor of the train station, complete opposite of the galleria. Follow the signs.
  • Tickets cost 15 polish currency per person one way.l with a precise timetable. You can buy the ticket in the bus on your way back, Which is reccomended because, you can never be sure when you would finish you visit.
  • First bus leaves at 6.20 am but again, get there as early as possible otherwise you may risk not having seats and standing all the way. Approximatly 1h45.
  • Once you arrive at Auschwitz, Without Online Booking : Run straight to a white small counter on the right written “Info”. This is where you will get your pass with your passport or ID.
  • If you have a pass already Via online or at Info Counter, head to the entry. Where people on the left usually for groups with package tours. You are going to be on the right hand side. The area may look heavily disorganized. Trust me. Any confusion, just ask.
  • If you have a big bag, leave it at the locker located inside a small orange office on far right from the entry before getting to the line. It will cost you 4 PLN (polish currency. About 1 euro) for deposing your bag at the locker. You are obligated to do so, if you bag is more than dimensions: 30x20x10 cm. Then you will be refused to get in. They are very serious about it.
  • Also they are very strict about big mirroless or DSLR cameras. But I could take my GoPro. You can take photos in the major party. At some blocks they will put a sign about the flash or the forbidding.
  • You can not eat inside. We took sandwiches that we could eat after finishing our visit. Few benches are there.otherwise you could find a food truck or a restaurant.
  • From Auschwitz, just in front, in the parking area, there is a free shuttle bus available to Birkenau. They come every 10 minutes. It is the same stop that you will find the return bus to Krakow. The timetables for both are displayed.
Free Shuttle Bus.
  • For disabled people: According to Auschwitz website ,” Disabled. Because of the need to preserve the historical authenticity of the site of the Memorial it may be difficult for dissabled persons to move around the grounds and buildings. In order to help visitors with disabilities wheelchairs are available free of charge at the Visitor Service Centre.”
  • Be covered. It’s more an opened area than a museum where you go around and get into blocks for explanations and exhibitions.
Buses to get back to Krakow

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