Who are we?

Travel as a couple . honeymoon
This is us.

Sourov and Vanessa. A couple from completely different part of the world. Sourov is Bangladeshi by birth. Left home when he was 19 to become an accountant in Sydney.  At that very moment, He still didn’t realize that his life is about to change.

He became a Bar boy, to a barman (mostly to pay bills), Sommelier and then became a professional Coffee expert. Photography on weekends. He met his wife on a boat. They got married in a temple in Bangladesh. His family moved to Kolkata, India. And the newly married couple moved to Paris to start a new life. Sourov learned French language, System and French Life. And never became an Accountant.

Well, that’s his life in a nutshell. And his wife Vanessa, who has traveled way more than he have. She is a singer who helps “people in need” as her job. Most importantly, she is adventurous. What is great about their marriage is that they think alike. They don’t take their lives for granted and want to explore the world as much as they can.
That is why they have traveled together in past and they are packing their bags and leaving to go around Europe for 3 months. Mostly by train. During winter. And they have decided that they are going to share everything with you.

It is a Promise.

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