Budget and Planning for Europe Travel in 100 Days

No Budget = Not possible to plan = No Trip.
So, Let’s get in to it. Shall we?

Pre-planning for our Euro tour
Travel Europe on Budget. How to save money on travel.
Our initial budget before the trip. Hope that it stays like that. I doubt it though.

There are four (4) things to cover for our budget and planning.
These are:

1. Transport : 27% (about €3000.00) click here for details

2. Accommodation undefined : 45% (about €5000.00) click here for details

3. Food undefined : 18% (about €2000.00) click here for details

4. Others : 9.9% (about €1,100.00) click here for details
(paid activities such as skydiving, Museums or festivals that you might wanted to visit but they are probably not free or Special seasonal clothing, cameras etc. These costs are totally up to you. But not extremely necessary)

** Out of those four (4) , first three (3) things are are extremely important to make this trip even happen.

5. iGraal – A tool to save some money:
Igraal is a website and an App that works with a lot of different companies. The purpose is to have some cashback when you purchase through it.
For example, you want to buy a pair of shoes from Adidas store. You connect to igraal and search for Adidas. Igraal lead you to the website but you are still with Igraal. so you buy your shoes in the same price but because you did with your Igraal you will have 3% back when Adidas will validate.
It doesn’t coast more for you and you will have a little bit back. Once you have collected 20€ and more, you can withdraw.
The percentage of cashback will depend on the shop, generally between 1 to 4%. Which is not a lot. But it does helps eventually over the period.
Here is the link

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