Travel Fatigue. How to deal with it?

We officially have reached to our 15 days of Tour d’Europe.
We still have 85 more days to go.
In 15 days we have travelled across Switzerland from Paris by train. Walked around city of Geneva, beautiful lake of Montreux, comedy festival, we have done mountain hiking, walked in the forest and around the beautiful lakes in Interlaken, we went 7000 feet or 2132m top of Pilatus mountain with cable car, walked around the city of Lucerne and explored the vibrant international city of zurich.

Travel tips for Europe
The icon of Munich

We walked around beautiful city of Munich, Amsterdam.
and Currently we are back in Germany to continue our journey.
So far we walked for more than 133 kilometers. That is lot of walking.
And we were are really tired. Maybe, we sound like a bunch of privileged, spoiled brats. Like, “look at them, they are complaining about traveling. And my golden shoes are too tight!!”
Let us explain, traveling like that is a pretty serious physical activity. We had to walk a lot with our backpacks, beds in each accommodation are not always comfortable so sleep was not the very best. And we never stopped walking.

Lake of Interlaken

Think of it like you are starting your gym for the first time and first few weeks are difficult. Then eventually body does get use to the system. Until the next change.
If you feel the same during your long trips, the don’t worry. You are not alone. It is normal.
Eat fruits, vegetables , proteins and enough carbs (pasta, rice) and a lot of water.
Do not cheap out.

Sleep. If it gets difficult due to temperature or uncomfortable bed, then just lay down and think about nothing.
Take a long hot shower. Not only it is hygienic, but you will recover lot faster.
Use public transportation so that you walk a little less.
Finally, enjoy and do not push too hard. I know, you are in a new country and you want to see it all.
But, What’s good if you can not enjoy because of extreme tiredness. Right?
This is a reminder for us too. Even, we are jusr probably talking to ourselves.

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