Travel story of Interlaken, Switzerland

The most beautiful train journey from Montreux undefined

The morning had started with a question in the head. How to register our itinerary in the Global Pass? Because this time we are heading to Interlaken but we have a stop in-between at Zweisimmen. We were not sure whether we should put that as well. The unbelievably (stress on that word, because you can not see them everywhere) nice SBB staffs at the counter clarified that it’s necessary. So 2 lines for 1st trip Montreux to Zweisimmen and Zweisimmen to Interlaken. After exchanging some euro to the swiss currency we were waiting at the Christmas market to take our 11.44 train to Interlaken where two lakes are connecting by a river.

A warning: there are 2 main stations on Interlaken pretty far from each other so check where is the best to get off. The train has a panoramic view of 180° and a magnificent view of the Swiss landscape. To be honest, it is the most beautiful train journey I have ever experienced in life (to this date). The train goes under the mountains or on top. Wherever you look, you have this incredible view. Just wow. There is even someone to offer us some beverages. Paid of course

Accidentally got on the 1st class cabin

As we continued to enjoy the lovely swiss landscapes and had a quick lunch, at 13.33h we have arrived at Zweisimmen station on platform 8 and we have 5 minutes to run to number 12. Stress!!
But luckily it was right in from of us. Phew! The train does not have panoramic views. But it was pretty high class and comfortable. 5 minutes later the ticket conductor corrected us very quickly that we are in first class. With an awkward smile and an apology, we went to the 2nd class which was not bad either.
From the window, we noticed that most of the houses are on narrow hills. Because we are passing through a valley. Most houses are made with pine woods and steels. if you are not a fan of height then this kind of routes could pose a problem.


First, it is situated between the two Lakes.  Brienz to the east and Thun to the west and alongside the river Aare, which flows from one lake to another. It is calm and peaceful mountainous region. Known for paragliding, hiking, skiing. Very famous for a lot of outdoor activities.
And it is 560 meters from the sea level. Whether is surprisingly as cold as we were expecting

Interlaken Map. Source :

The new residence 

This time we have an apartment. It is actually for 7 people. Pretty big with minimum tools. We were not greeted by anyone. Just received a message in WhatsApp to go upstairs, put a code to the black box to get the key and get inside. Pretty weird. No human contact whatsoever. We did a few groceries at Migros for some dinner and breakfast. Ended the day with a movie, pizza and a beer.

After taking some quick lunch with pasta we have started our day.
Mission: Harderbahn Funicular.
Simple explanation: Funicular is a type of a mini train or tram or a lift which will take you almost 1.47 kilometres up from Interlaken Ost to Harder Kulm with a magnificent view of the Interlaken and the valley behind you. And from the top, you can see both lake Thun and lake Brienz and the best view of Two Lakes bridge on river Aare which is connecting two of the lakes. We took a walk of 24 something minutes to get at the station to take the Funicular. Weather was not as cold as we expected thanks to the sunny day with a blue sky. Colourful paragliders are filling the sky as we were walking through the town. And peaks of the mountains were visible thanks to clear weather.

A Bad News

However, we arrived at the Funicular station just to learn that it’s closed until the 10th of April. undefined
We have then decided to be brave and climb as much as we can. The floor of the mountain was full of dry leaves and under those, there were rocks hiding. And the floor was not that firm. Scary. But we continued anyway with a sense of adventure. Well, more because there were older folks who seems to be a lot stronger than us and climbing like no problems. We took a little pause in between though. And each time we have noticed something that is very rare in our life: Peace. The only things we could hear are sound of air passing through trees, dry leaves touching each other, some birds and sound of trains from time to time. Probably that was also our source of energy. After getting up about 100 something meters (which felt like 1000 meters at the time) we literally could see the most of Interlaken city, part of Aare river and the magnificent Lake Brienz. After feeding our eyes with all the views, we decided to slowly get back down.

Best photos of Switzerland
A panoramic view from the ‘almost’ top.

It’s actually more difficult to get down because of the soft floors. So we paid extra attention. All of a sudden we heard the sound of a mountain bike. Quickly turned around and saw a crazy dude come down with his bike. Pretty sure he didn’t miss our surprised face with mouths wide open as he passed by us. Lucky for us, the guy was downstairs waiting with his bike for someone. So, I approached him to know if he went to the top. Well, he did. He used to climb every day when he was living here. Now he lives in Zurich and does it once a year. He said it’s difficult to go up. But dangerous to actually get down. And it is actually becoming more and more difficult for him to control the bike because the floor is not firm enough anymore. But overall he can see the nature of this mountain changing. So, it was not just us after all who felt the same. After a short chat, his girlfriend arrived as well so we said goodbye to him.

Lake Brienz : A view that words can not explain

Remember one of those beautiful and futuristic lake photos with few mountains in the background? That is exactly how it looks like. After our little climbing adventure, we took a walk alongside the river Aare to lake Brienz. One of the Swiss Alpine lakes. Just sitting there and saying, “I know, I am beautiful”. The boats were floating peacefully, small waves splashing on the rocks, beautiful trees standing alongside the coast.undefined
undefined undefined
Every bit are postcard-worthy. We walked a little further to find a spot to take advantage of our DJI MAVIC MINI to get a different point of view. And this a landscape photographers Dreamland. undefined undefined

As the daylight was fading away, the temperature was also going down considerably so we decided to take our tired bodies back to the apartment. Stopped by at a swiss chocolate shop to tryout world famous swiss chocolate. I posed some questions about the origin of chocolate and the lovely salesperson were very kind to respond us with her German-Italian accent. Which means she potentially speaks at least 3 different languages. Respect. Really. Anyway, back to the apartment. Coffee and chocolate to warm up. And preparing for dinner.

With that we end our 1st day in Interlaken.

Almost broke the drone!!!

Our 2nd day was pretty short but eventful. undefined
We woke up with a cloudy day and light rain. Top of the mountains was covered with light grey cloud. It was quite mystical. After a quick lunch at around 1pm, we headed to lake Thun alongside the river Aare. It was a long 40 minutes walk and we were physically not in our best form. Only this motivated us was the sense of exploring and adventure. On the left-hand side of our path, it’s the beautiful river Aare and the mountain. On our right, it’s the farmhouses with little houses. And we saw some deers were just roaming around and eating grasses. Not sure if they were domestic though.

Then we stopped at an old leftover of château Weissenau. With thick dark bronze coloured Rocky wall. And there was a little tree on top. We walked inside the dark chamber and took the stairs to go up on the roof. Pretty good stop to make a murder/horror movie. From the top, you can see the lake, Thun. So we came up with the idea of flying the drone from here to have a good point of view. When the rain stops or slows down a little of course. But our taking off of the drone had failed miserably due to unbalanced landing pad. The propellers ripped through our DIY landing pad and stopped. And the fear ripped through our hearts. But the drone seems to be ok. It flew after at 2nd try but refused to go further due to lack of GPS. So, no more flying at all. And the rain got stronger. And we decided to head back home.

Took a walk alongside another side of the river through a little forest full of pine trees. The rain got stronger. The sound of rain on the dry leaves was something new to us. We didn’t necessarily felt like missing out because we know it would be beautiful, there would be a mountain view and beautiful pine trees even though it’s raining. But we also know that the lake would be as good and almost as same as lake Brienz. With a little grocery at Migros for dinner, we have ended our short 2nd day of Interlaken trip. 

Next stop

Lucerne undefined. Can not wait to know what it has to offer us!

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